Deaf Gods CD

The album that started it all!
Long out of print these CD's have been purchased from various sources for the sole purpose of making them available to Lord Tracy fans via this website. As such they are not "new". However, they are all original pressings from the 1989 release and have been play tested to insure quality. The inserts or album covers may have small flaws such as a promo hole or notch but will otherwise be in Fine to Very Fine condition.

Out With The Boys
East Coast Rose
She's A Bitch
Barney's Wank
Chosen Ones
In Your Eyes
Rats Motel
Foolish Love
She Man Blues
King of th Nighttime Cowboys
Ivory Lover

"Deaf Gods of Babylon" CD
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Lord Tracy 4 CD

Lord Tracy 4 contains most of what would have been the second formal album from late 1990 or early 1991 (the follow up to Deaf Gods) had not record company gone the way of the dodo.

Paper Love
Kick It Out
Wrong All The Right Outta Me
Drive All Night
Wind Me Up
Let's Go Rodeo
Debbie's Got a Chainsaw
Party at the Motel
Barney's Unchained Melody
No More Tears
Back Again
Nobodies' Business
Everything Sounds Allright
Morning Light
If You Break My Heart

Lord Tracy "4" CD
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Recorded live at The Basement in Dallas, TX on December 22, 1989, as part of the ZRock Coast-to-Coast concert series.

Rats Motel
Me and The King
King of the Nighttime Cowboys
She's A Bitch
In Your Eyes
Foolish Love
Barney's Bass Solo
East Coast Rose
I Want You
(Let's Go) Rodeo
Out With The Boys
Don't Give Up On Love

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Porn Again CD

I Should've Known
Too Much
Know Me
Long Way To Go
Man In Japan
Number One Fan
Can't Be Wrong
Wank 2000
Messin' Around

Porn Again CD
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Cull None CD

A plethora of what is and was. Originally intended to be released only to the Lord Tracy fanclub, this collection of tracks finally made it out of the closet! This CD spans over 6 years of Lord Tracy. Nothing is left out, not even the out takes! A must have for any "Lord Head"!

Devil Song
Don't Give Up On Love
Fella Sho' Dance
Big Surprise
17 Years
Come Back To Me
Heart In Your Hands
Jes Like You
Drum Thang
Woman Is Wood
Beverly Hills
Yo Love
Big Black Cadillac
Can't Be Serious
Eat Them
Moby Dixie Head
Burning Love
Fleetwood Mac
Choo Choo

"Cull None" CD

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