3HC - From the album Deaf Gods of Babylon
© 1989 UNI Records

(Way oh way oh wanna, wanna wanna way oh choo choo!)

I went to a party, now would you believe?
It was a wish come true, yeah a personal dream
A three headed chick, all dressed in red
I took her by the arm and this is what I said,
I said...
Head #1, let's have some fun
Head #2, show me what you can do
Head #3, come along with me
And then I snapped my fingers and she fell to her knees
And she was boppin' and sloppin'
Up and down my knobbin'
One said it tastes like cool whip topping
Now girls don't get me wrong but what you mean to say
Is that it tastes just like M,M,M,M,M,M,M,M Mayonnaise

(Sing it brothers! Mayonnaise! Yeah!)