Way back in mists of time, 1985 to be exact, I think when Abe Lincoln was still President, was born the singular Rock Band named Lord Tracy. Three transplanted Memphians, guitarist Jimmy Rusidoff (Southern Creed), bassist Kinley "Barney" Wolfe and drummer Chris Craig (both of Black Oak Arkansas and Texas band Lightning) stood waiting in a disgustingly dilapidated rehearsal hall in downtown Dallas. In walks singer Terry Glaze, recently departed from Pantera. He grabs the microphone, does his best Elvis holler, the guitar shrieks, the bass goes boom, the drums go wham. The four musicians looked upon their noise, and they knew that it was good. Fame, fortune, and everlasting fun surely awaited them. And it did, sorta.

The band landed a record deal with MCA-backed label UNI and recorded their first album in 1989 (they didn't call them "CeeDees" back then!). They went from getting fired from every club but one in Memphis to being adored by thousands, if not zillions, of fawning admirers. Tours, videos, interviews, and many exciting and unprintable events ensued. But alas, 'twas not to last. The usual pressures of life, management, the road, recording companies, and the inevitable fights over who would get the last corny dog caused a breakup of the band in 1991.

All things must pass, and then come around again, for in the summer of 2004 the guys buried all hatchets and re-formed for several glorious shows in Memphis and Dallas. So much fun was had that the fellows decided that even though they now resided at the four separate Corners of the Earth they would do all they could to keep Lord Tracy alive forevermore. New CD's of unreleased tunes, plus plans for more shows and new recordings in the immediate future have stoked much excitement in the rock-n-roll community. Not that the guys are any more mature or anything.

They're just now smart enough to each bring their own boxes of frozen corny dogs.